IfTQ-Cert offers Training, Quality Management and Certification in general Personal and Training programs, and especially in Entrepreneurship Training in developing areas and/or selected target groups, ie. Youth Entrepreneurship for sustainable livelihood, SHG Business, Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Migrant Entrepreneurship, Refugee & Returnee Entrepreneurship.


Following global ISO quality standards regarding

  • Customer and student orientation
  • Leadership and staff integration
  • Process and system orientation
  • Continuous improvement and outcome measurement (e.g. estimation and impact analysis)


Working Languages

  • English, German, and/or
  • in collaboration with local partners French (ie. DRC) or Urdu, Bengali, Hindi etc. (India).


We are active since 2013 yearly/permanent in certain regions in India and since 2015 yearly in DR Congo, and since 2016 in Germany.

  • Training
  • Quality
  • Certification

Loyola Marymount University/L.A.

(annual lectures since 2013)

Besides these core activities we do presentations worldwide in colleges or at conferences, we support university theses, and our staff is often involved in university accreditations. Our Corporate Social responsibility supports young people in precarious living conditions.

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Training as Train-the-Trainer, Intercultural Training, International Project Management, Entrepreneurship Training, Business Development, and Mentoring and Coaching will enable the target group to learn and discuss the state of the art standards.


Workshop- und Seminarangebote (deutsch/englisch):

IfTQ-Cert Seminar: Unternehmensgründung durch Migranten.pdf

IfTQ-Cert Seminar: Migrant Entrepreneurship.pdf

  • Entrepreneurship für Flüchtlings-/Asyl-Rückkehrer (Entrepreneurship for Refugees/Asylum Returnees)
  • Interkulturelle Kommunikation (Intercultural Communication)
  • Interkulturelles Onboarding am Arbeitsplatz (Intercultural Onboarding in the workplace)
  • Internationales Projektmanagement (International Project Management)
  • Interkulturelle Führung und Teamarbeit (Intercultural leadership and teamwork)
  • Globalisierung und öffentlicher Dienst (Globalization and Public Services)

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Quality Management will improve a sustainable learning and organizational efficiency as a comparative market advantage for the students, training institutes, the NGOs and the socio-cultural environment. We do a specific focus on the socio-cultural employability, to gain sustainable income, like estimation study for project proposals, impact analysis, training and mentoring in the entrepreneurial process and business development.

Quality Management and Certification will identify sustainable quality driven education and training in institutions, their programs and courses. Beside comparative advantages it fosters organizational efficiency, helps to develop qualified teaching staff and student motivation and identity for their employability and creditability.


Hinweis: Wir bieten keine Trainer-Zertifizierung an

Certification audits will assess and recommend state-of-the-art standards in programs, training and the organization to fulfill students' and customers' needs, to avoid weaknesses, use potential and extend strengths in the market.


The assessment includes around 44 quality standards like an estimation study, program strategy, program promotion, program organization, customized training, train-the-trainer, feedback, and sustainability.


General procedure after contact:

  • Documentary analysis (a check-list for information/documents will be sent and, if necessary, following requests.
  • Field research (1-3 days on-site assessment incl. stakeholder-interviews (ie. program/project management, trainer, students, and former students).
  • Assessment (assessment status incl. recommendation, certification document).

All our advisors have an academic and practical background, many years experiences in training, programs and projects, and in certification processes in different cultures.

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